The Church Is the People

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Saints and Soldiers takes a holistic biblical approach to the training and equipping of the saints through community.  These rotating elements are the building blocks of a disciple of Jesus.

— Family Member

Lives as a beloved, committed member of an authentic, transparent, truthful community built on the foundation of the gospel and living out its implications.  Loving others and sharing life with them in a gospel-shaped way.

— Learner

Humbly seeks to learn from the Spirit and others through diligently studying Scripture and seeking wisdom. Wants to grow in knowledge and effectiveness in Christ.  Is balanced in Spirit and in Truth.


Sees God as greater than anyone or anything else and lives in joyful, grateful obedience. Pursues communion with and obedience to Jesus in all of life, relentlessly eliminating idols.  Worshipping God with all expressions.

— Servant

Joyfully and sacrificially serves in response to the way they’ve been served by Jesus. Looks not to their own needs but considers how to use all they have for the sake of others and God’s glory.

— Missionary

Lives as though God has sent them to proclaim the gospel in word and deed wherever they are. Burdened for those who don’t know Jesus, and therefore intentionally uses resources and makes decisions to fulfill God’s mission, not their own dreams.


Intentionally pours into others what God has poured into them. A disciple of Jesus who makes disciples who make disciples, to see the movement of the gospel continue from generation to generation so that the glory fills the ends of the earth.


Mikaila, 19 yrs

House church has really impacted my life, and especially during the time I had my son Malakai.   God has brought me such amazing people…  I am growing everyday, and I can’t wait for God to show me my future.  I am so happy to have God in my life.  I have been impacted differently in a positive way.  You feel this sense of hope and grace in His name.  You just feel alive, and all those feelings of guilt, stress, anxiety, abandonment, worthlessness –all washes away when you give Him all of you and believe He will do amazing things in your life.  Praise God and Amen!

Brokenness Made Whole Again

Teaching and discipling others through intimate relationship brings tremendous fruit.

Irina, 43 yrs

The Lord told me one day I’m giving you a family, and He showed me Janelle and Jabar.  I didn’t understand what He meant.  I never had such a powerful experience with the Lord.  I was scared and frightened, because I had been hurt so much by people.  But I decided to step out in faith to what he told me to do-(to move in with them).  I never understood what true family was until then.  He showed me what God’s family is like through their family and their house church community. I had close fellowship with them under the same roof.  My biological mom and dad were never able to give me what the Lord gave me through them.  The way they presented God’s family with house church, with community, the way they opened their house to someone in need, and be obedient to the voice of God………  The Lord was able to fulfill and move in such a powerful way in such a short period of time.  God accomplished a tremendous amount of work in that short period of time in me, who was coming from a lot of baggage, hurt and pain. It’s amazing how God put things together through their obedience to the Holy Spirit.  We are strong and unified through the house church community.  We have to be one. We cannot be scattered.

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Oleg, 23 yrs

House church impacted me on a more relationship and spiritual level.  When I was growing up, I was taught that in order for you to go to Heaven, you need to go to church.  It was a religious way of thinking.  Something always didn’t sit well with me on the fact that traditional churches just taught a message and barely got any time for a one-on-one or to invest in relationships.  Now coming to know who Jesus really is and his heart, I realize Jesus puts his value in people, his sons and daughters.  Not in money how we place value.  To Him we were worth it to die for.  Like our Father in Heaven puts his value in His children, we should put our value in people likewise.  House church impacted my heart to know what relationship and fellowship is all about and what it means to invest in other people’s lives.

A Transformed Life

It is impossible to encounter God and not be transformed.

Trajectory Rerouted

God transforms us from the inside out.

Michelle, 37 yrs

Going to  house church was short, but also very impactful.  It truly changed the trajectory of my view of, not just God, but walking with others in community…  Just how to love on others with God’s own heart.  It was an answered prayer.  I really felt a love like any other; I felt a peace that surpassed all understanding.  The moment that we would officially begin house church itself, it felt like there was a new atmosphere.   It was so full of love and joy and just concern for others.  Each and every week that we would go, you could feel the communal concern for others.  It was really beautiful…. very life breathing moments that I would just love to have bottled up and kept forever.  It changed the trajectory of my walk in a very divine way.  Being able to live out this walk with God with the pastors on a daily basis, I saw that house church didn’t begin and stop on Thursdays.  It was definitely a daily lifestyle for them, and it was such an honor to be part of that.  It helped set the foundation for an example of what God’s love for other people looks like…  Very refreshing to see them go through the day-to-day stuff, but then at any given moment, stop and totally surrender themselves over to the Holy Spirit for whoever would be on their phone or would show up at their house.  —Whatever the need was they would stop their own agendas and their own family, put it all on hold, and take heed to the Holy Spirit’s leading.  It was beautiful, and I am just astounded by their sacrifice.  The lead example they set was a love offering, first to God, then to others.


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“And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.” (Hebrews 12:1-2)




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